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Sony keeps putting out things like this on the PSN. Made by .deprodukkt.


For more Amsterdam updates – Natashas Blog

Since I don’t update this site much – go here instead.



Project: PEEPING MARCEL. Every single toilet in The Westerhuis now has Marcel Wanders blank stare in it.

Yes, vid.

ALSO: From boom times to tent city.

The Cult of Done Manifesto

The Cult of Done Manifesto: The Cult of Done Manifesto There are three states of being. Not knowing, action and completion. Accept that everything is a draft. It helps to get it done. There is no editing stage. Pretending you know what you’re doing is … Read More

Speakers Dinner

FITC Aftermath

So me and Per had a great time at FITC. A few days we’ll remember for a long time. Thanks Shawn, for everything.


Poetry in Motion

And this would be funnier if the translations were true, and not just random russian text.


Hate poems make me happy + Kratos

Hate poem and Kratos. I want to remix them together. It must be possible. Here’s a last minute gift for valentines, and here’s some more cool Flash stuff. Oh, and even one more gift. Oh, and a trailer and some stuff for new Tarantino.


Mindfuck Metacritic

EDGE: Is Metacritic damaging the games industry? Mindfuck Movies. (Go Tarkovskij!)


Jumping into SID

Daddy Mack / Kris Kross at 30. This is just so sad. And this is just so great. Go Ralph.


The Joydick + Starfish Hitler

The Joydick is a wearable haptic device for controlling video gameplay based on realtime male masturbation. Through the use of a carefully designed strap-on interface, the user’s penis is converted into a joystick capable of moving the character onscreen in all four cardinal directions. The … Read More


Read, learn, etc

The office itself feels like 2000 … but more adult. These guys are smarter than we were. They have only 28 employees, and the office has few decorations, save for two green ceramic deer in the corner and papier-mâché hanging from the ceiling that reads … Read More