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Bankers can’t possibly afford NYC on a mere $500K/year

“People inherently understand that if they are going to get ahead in whatever corporate culture they are involved in, they need to take on the appurtenances of what defines that culture,” she said. “So if you are in a culture where spending a lot of … Read More

2.5 Random Facts About Oskar Sundberg

1. I haven’t been outside Europe. If you don’t count when I went over the bridge in Istanbul. 2. I think about quitting smoking about once a day. More in the wintertime. 2.5. About once a week, I have a terrifying dream about


Well hello there: My Realdolls Ginger, and Kelly Simple process to estimate times and costs in a web project Etta James to Beyoncé: I’ll Whoop Your Ass! Apple’s design process More Watchmen brilliance

Barack Obama is tired of your motherfucking shit

He is. Listen here.


Chaka Khan at Paradiso

Paradiso, yesterday – you have to love the crowd.


Dropular is a media bookmarking service loosely based on the idea of a droplet contributing to a pool, filling it ever-so slightly one by one. This amazing tool lets you discover, remember and share images, videos and links – all in one place. Check it … Read More


Could be the most creative thing in decades.

The Blart

So how does one identify a Blart? Sometimes they feature the Rock as an NFL star who unexpectedly becomes the father of an 8-year old and must, for some reason, perform ballet (The Game Plan, $90 million domestic). Others star Martin Lawrence and William H. … Read More