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The office itself feels like 2000 … but more adult. These guys are smarter than we were. They have only 28 employees, and the office …

Bankers can’t possibly afford NYC on a mere $500K/year

“People inherently understand that if they are going to get ahead in whatever corporate culture they are involved in, they need to take on the …

2.5 Random Facts About Oskar Sundberg

1. I haven’t been outside Europe. If you don’t count when I went over the bridge in Istanbul. 2. I think about quitting smoking about …


Well hello there: My Realdolls Ginger, and Kelly Simple process to estimate times and costs in a web project Etta James to Beyoncé: I’ll Whoop …

Barack Obama is tired of your motherfucking shit

He is. Listen here.

Chaka Khan at Paradiso


Paradiso, yesterday – you have to love the crowd.


Dropular is a media bookmarking service loosely based on the idea of a droplet contributing to a pool, filling it ever-so slightly one by one. …


Could be the most creative thing in decades.

The Blart

So how does one identify a Blart? Sometimes they feature the Rock as an NFL star who unexpectedly becomes the father of an 8-year old …